Finger Lakes Top 12 All-Time Runners


Runner                        School             Year                            Championships

1.         Zach Rivers     Victor              07                    3-LC    3-SC    1-StC 3rd, 4th      1-FtL

2.         Richard Bolt   HAC               87                                3-SC    1-StC 3rd, 5th

3.         Mike Wycoff  South Seneca  75                                2-SC    1-StC 2nd        

4.         Kyle Heath      Victor              03                    2-LC    2-SC    1-StC 3rd

5.         Joe Matias       Newark           95                    2-LC    2-SC             5th, 7th, 4th 1-FtL

6.         Todd Lindsly  Penn Yan        80                    2-LC    2-SC                2nd, 11th

7.         Nick Carr        Waterloo         98                    1-LC    3-SC                4th, 4th

8.         Vince Sherry   Victor              97                    1-LC    1-SC                2nd

9.         Chris Dragone Mynderse        01                    1-LC    3-SC                4th

10.       Charles Moynihan Victor        92                    1-LC    1-SC                8th

11.       Jesse Contario Newark           00                    1-LC    1-SC

12.       Bill Irland        Waterloo         45                                1-SC   


Wayne Top 10 All-Time Runners


Runner                        School             Year                         Championships

1.         Todd Reeser    Pal-Mac           91                    2-LC    2-SC   

2.         Jim Vandermolen Pal-Mac      77                                1-SC    1-StC

3.         Chuck Taylor Sodus               89                    1-LC    1-SC

4.         Luke Santillo   NRW               96                    1-LC    1-SC

5.         Mark Hussey   Marion             99                                2-SC   

6.         Tom Scahill Williamson          03

7.         Andy Entingh Wayne             81                    2-LC

8.         Xabier Olcherrieta Sodus        84                    1-LC

9.         Greg Santillo NRW                93                    1-LC

10.       Eric Molino     Wayne             04


Key:       LC League Championship, SC Sectional Championship, StC State Championship,

FtL Foot Locker Finalist.


Determination of Ranking was based on a point system:  top 3 WFL runners at League Championships, Sectionals and States were awarded 3 pts for 1st, 2 pts for 2nd and 1 pt for 3rd.  Sectional champions received 2 pts (this includes runners who were not in the top 3 WFL runners at sectionals) and state champions received 5, 3 or 1 pt. for top 3 finishes, 2 pts were also awarded for first overall at states and footlocker finalist.













Wayne Finger Lakes Sectional & State Champions Boys Team and Individual

Wayne Finger Lakes Section V Hall of Fame - Boys


Wayne Finger Lakes Sectional Champions


GCC                                       November 6th, 2010

                                                                                Wayne Class B

1.             Colin Kerr                             Wayne                   16:25     1st Class B


GCC                                       November 7th, 2009


Marcus Whitman                                November 1st, 2008


Marcus Whitman                                November 3rd, 2007

1.             Zach Rivers                          Victor                     16:02     1st Class A

2.             Andrew Gotham                  Honeoye               17:43     1st Class


Marcus Whitman                                November 4th, 2006

Victor    Class A

1.             Zach Rivers                          Victor                     16:36     1st Class A


Marcus Whitman                                November 5th, 2005

1.             Zach Rivers                          Victor                     16:28     1st Class A


Marcus Whitman                                November 6th, 2004

Victor Class A


Marcus Whitman                                November 1st, 2003

Victor Class B

Waterloo Class C

1.             Kyle Heath                           Victor                     16:08     1st Class B

2.             Tom Scahill                          Williamson            17:15     1st Class C


Marcus Whitman                November 2nd, 2002

1.             Kyle Heath                           Victor                     16:20     1st Class B

2.             Evan Trumble                      Waterloo               16:50     1st Class C


Marcus Whitman                                November 3rd, 2001

1.             Chris Dragone                      Mynderse              16:56     1st Class C


Marcus Whitman                                November 4th, 2000

1.             Chris Dragone                      Mynderse              16:24     1st Class C

2.             Jesse Contario                      Newark                  16:30     1st Class B


Marcus Whitman                                November 6th, 1999

Newark Class B

WaterlooClass C


Marcus Whitman                                November 7th, 1998

Waterloo Class B

HAC Class C

Red Jacket Class D

1.             Nick Carr                               Waterloo               16:42     1st Class B

2.             Chris Dragone                      Mynderse              17:27     1st Class C


Marcus Whitman                                November 1st, 1997

Newark Class BB

Waterloo Class C

HAC Class D

1.             Vince Sherry         Victor                     16:06     1st Class BB

2.             Nick Carr               Waterloo               16:26     1st Class B

3.             Ben Hildebrand   HAC                       17:03     1st Class D

4.             Mark Hussey        Marion                   17:24     1st Class CC

Marcus Whitman                                November 2nd, 1996

Waterloo Class B

HAC Class D

1.             Vince Sherry                         Victor                     n/a          2nd Class BB

2.             Nick Carr                               Waterloo               n/a          1st Class B

3.             Mark Hussey                        Marion                   18:30     1st Class C


Genesseo                               November 4th, 1995

Lyons Class C

HAC Class D

1.             Joe Matias                            Newark                  16:59     1st Class BB

2.             Luke Santillo                        NRW                      17:54     1st Class CC


Stewart Park, Newark         November 5th, 1994

Pal-MacClass B


Stewart Park, Newark         November 6th, 1993

1.             Joe Matias                            Newark                  16:58     1st Class B

2.             Greg Santillo                         NRW                                      1st Class CC


Stewart Park, Newark         November 7th, 1992           

1.             Matt Moynihan                   Victor                     17:22     1st Class BB


Stewart Park, Newark         November 2nd, 1991

Victor Class BB

Honeoye Class B

1.             Todd Reeser                         PM                          16:40     1st Class B

2.             Charlie Moynihan               Victor                     17:02     1st Class BB


Ultra Tech Park, Newark    November 3rd, 1990

Waterloo Class B

HAC Class C

1.             Todd Reeser                         PM                          17:19     1st Class B


Ultra Tech Park, Newark    November 4th, 1989

1.             Chuck Taylor                       Sodus                     16:46     1st Class C


Newark                                  November 7th, 1987

Newark Class A

1.             Richard Bolt                         HAC                       16:04     1st Class C

2.             Bernard Comer                    Newark                  16:55     1st Class A


Newark                                  November 1st, 1986

1.             Richard Bolt                         HAC                       16:48     1st Class C



Stuart Park, Newark            November 2nd, 1985

Victor Class A

South Seneca Class C

1.             Richard Bolt                         HAC                                       1st Class C

2.             Scott Knapp                         Victor                                     1st Class A


Stuart Park, Newark            November 3rd 1984

Sodus Class B

South Seneca Class C

1.             Don Kent                              SS                                           1st Class C

Stuart Park, Newark            November 4th, 1983

Victor Class A


Stuart Park, Newark            November 5th, 1982

South Seneca Class C


Stuart Park, Newark            November 1st, 1981

1.             Dave Brunix                         Victor                     17:06     1st Class A


Stuart Park, Newark            November 2nd, 1980

Penn Yan Class A

1.             Todd Lindsley                      Penn Yan              16:39     1st Class A


Stuart Park, Newark            November 3rd, 1979

Canandaigua Class A

1.             Todd Lindsley                      Penn Yan              16:56     1st Class A


                                                November 5th, 1977

1.             Jim Vandermolen                                Pal-Mac                                 1st Class A


                                November 1st, 1975

                                                                Sodus Class B

1.             Mike Wyckoff                     South Seneca                       1st Class C


                                November 2nd, 1974

1.             Mike Wyckoff                     South Seneca                       1st Class C


November 3rd, 1973

Waterloo Class B

1.         Mike Wycoff              South Seneca              3rd Class C


                                                November 4th, 1972

Penn Yan Class B

1.             Jim Van Amen                     PY                                           2nd Class B



1.             G. Neenan                             Bloomfield                            1st Class C


                                                                                Canandaigua Class A


1.             Fryer                                       Geneva                                  1st



1.             Smith                                     Canandaigua                       1st


1.             Bill Irland                              Waterloo                               1st


1.             Easton                                   Geneva                                  1st


                                                                                1939 & 1940


Wayne Finger Lakes State Champions



1.             Brandon Cowles                  Newark                  15:48.0  3rd Class B             November 14th, 2009

2.             Colin Kerr                             Wayne                   15:52.3  8th Class B             November 14th, 2009


1.             Zach Rivers                          Victor                     15:57     3rd Class A             November 10th, 2007


1.             Zach Rivers                         Victor                    15:37     1st Class A             November 11th, 2006

2.             Ben Hall                                                Victor                     15:43     3rd Class A


1.             Zach Rivers                          Victor                     16:03     4th Class A             November 10th, 2005

2.             Ben Hall                                                Victor                     16:16     6th Class A           November 10th, 2005


1.             Ben Hall                                                Victor                     16:51     6th Class A           November 9th, 2004


1.             Kyle Heath                           Victor                    16:30     1st Class B             November 8th, 2003

2.             Tom Scahill                          Williamson            17:02     3rd Class C


1.             Kyle Heath                           Victor                     16:35     3rd Class B             November 9th, 2002


1.             Chris Dragone                      Mynderse              16:45     4th Class B             November 11th, 2001


1.             Peter Chambers                   Newark                  17:33     4th Class B             November 11th, 2000           

2.             Eric Trumble                         Waterloo               18:04     10th Class B           November 11th, 200o                  


1.             Gudeta Roba                        Newark                  17:18     9th Class B             November 13th, 1999                    

2.             Steve Higgins                        Waterloo               17:22     8th Class C             November 13th, 1999                  


1.             Nick Carr                               Waterloo               16:56     4th Class B             November 14th, 1998                     

2.             Ben Hildebrand                   HAC                       17:10     8th Class C             November 14th, 1998                     


1.             Vince Sherry                         Victor                     16:30     2nd Class B            November 1st, 1997

2.             Nick Carr                               Waterloo               16:39     4th Class B             November 1st, 1997                            

1.             Joe Matias                            Newark                  16:55     5th Class B             November 11th, 1995                         

1.             Joe Matias                            Newark                  15:58     7th Class B             November 12th, 1994                                         

1.             Joe Matias                            Newark                  16:45     4th Class B             November 13th, 1993


1.             Todd Reeser                         PM                          16:17     2nd Class B            November 9th, 1991

2.             Charles Moynihan              Victor                     16:37     8th Class B             November 9th, 1991


1.             Chuck Taylor                       Sodus                     16:44     3rd Class C             November 11th, 1989


1.             Richard Bolt                        HAC                       15:47     1st Class C             November 14th, 1987    Course Record

2.             Bernard Comer                    Newark                  16:29     6th Class B             November 14th, 1987                       

1.             Richard Bolt                         HAC                       16:30     3rd Class C             November 8th, 1986


1.             Scott Knapp                         Victor                     16:14     3rd Class B             November 9th, 1985

2.             Richard Bolt                         HAC                       16:25     5th Class C             November 9th, 1985


1.             Xabi Oloabarrieta                                Sodus                     15:57     10th Class C           November 10th, 1984                         

1.             John Wagner                        South Seneca       18:42     10th Class C           November 7th, 1981


1.             Todd Lindsley                      Penn Yan              15:54     2nd Class B            November 8th, 1980


1.             Todd Lindsley                      Penn Yan                              11th Class B           November, 9th, 1979


1.             Jim Vandermolen              Pal-Mac                                1st Class B             November 10th, 1977


1.             Mike Wyckoff                     South Seneca                       1st Class C             November 8th, 1975 Fastest time of the Day


1.         Mike Wyckoff                        South Seneca              2nd Class C      November 9th, 1974


States XC-Distances

1973        2.3 Miles

1974        2.8 Miles

1976        3.0 Miles

1977        First WFL state champion

1978        5,000 Meters


Wayne Finger Lakes Teams @ State Champions


1972                                                  Penn Yan 8th Class B

1973                                                  Waterloo 9th Class B

1979                                                  Canandaigua 7th Class B

1980                                                  Penn Yan 3rd Class B

1982                                                                                                               South Seneca 6th Class C

1983                                               Victor 8th Class B

1984                                                                                                               Sodus 12th Class C

1985                                               Victor 3rd Class B

1987                                               Newark 4th Class B

1991                                               Victor 2nd Class B

1993                                               Newark 5th Class B

1994                                               Pal-Mac 11th Class B

1996                                               Waterloo 5th Class B

1997                                               Waterloo 6th Class B                           Sodus 11th Class C

1998                                               Waterloo 6th / Newark 8th Class B

1999                                               Newark 4th Class B                              Waterloo 4th Class C

2003                                               Victor 4th Class B                                 Waterloo 5th Class C

2004   Victor 4th Class A

2006   Victor 6th Class A

2010                                               Wayne 6th Class B


Wayne Finger Lakes Foot Locker Finalist


1.             Zach Rivers                          Victor                                     2007

2.             Joe Matias                            Newark                                  1995

Section V Cross Country Hall of Fame

Wayne Finger Lakes Inductees:

Class of O2

Gary Thompson: Coach; Wayne, Rush-Henrietta & Victor High Schools; 12 boys/girls Section V Class B Championships; 35+ years; #2 NYS Cross Country list 640 league wins combined boys/girls.


Class of 03

Joe Matias: Athlete; Newark High School; Section V Class B Sectional Champion in 1995; Footlocker Finalist in 1995 for Dale Ladd.


Class of 04

Mike Wyckoff: Athlete: South Seneca High School; Class C NYS Champion in 1975 fastest time of the day, all classes. Ran for Jack Warner at Cornell University.


Class of 05

Bolt, Richard: Athlete; Harley Allendale Columbia HS; Class C Sectional Champion in 1985, 1986 and 1987, and Class C NYS Champion (fastest time of the day by twenty seconds) in 1987. Richard won the small-school race at the McQuaid Invitational three years and was a first team All Section V for three years. In 1985, Richard placed 5th in NYS Championships, 3rd in 1986 NYS championships and ran for Sandy Foster while at HAC.


Irland, Bill: Athlete; Waterloo HS: Section V Champion in 1945; A.A.U. National Team

champion, 1949; NCAA Team Champion (Captain), Syracuse, and DI All American, 1951.


Meyer (Reeser), Todd: Athlete; Palmyra Macedon HS; 2nd in NYS Class B Championships, 1991; DIII All American, U of R, and ran for Tim Hale; qualified for US Olympic Trials in the marathon. USATF National Team Member in half marathon.


Smart, Tom: Coach; Penn Yan Academy; Coached for 34 years, 500 league wins, Seven

Section V Class B Championships, 3rd place finish in 80 NYS Class Champs.


Class of 2006

Coons, Jack: Athlete-Coach Canandaigua; Class A Sectional Champion in 1956, long time successful coach at CCFL and Canandaigua Academy.


Ladd, Dale: Coach-Administrator; highly successful coach at Newark, Marcus-Whitman and Rush-Henrietta HS with four Class B Section V Championships and numerous Class B Section V Champions including Lisa Hernandez, Joe Matias, the Class B Section V Champion, NYS Champion and Footlocker Finalist in 1995; Section V Boys Coordinator since 1982.


Sherry, Vince: Athlete; Victor HS: Class B Section V Champion in 1997, 9th in NYS

Championships in 1996, 2nd in 1997; ran competitively at UNC at Charlotte.


Vandermolen, Jim: Athlete; Palmyra Macedon HS; Class B NYS Champion, 1977.