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Wayne Finger Lakes Cross Country

2017 Results

WFL League Championships  boys girls
Varsity boys girls
Varsity B boys girls
Modified boys girls

League Meet Results

Week 6 varsity boys varsity girls mod boys mod girls
Wayne, Pal-Mac, Penn Yan, Midlakes @ Honeoye (Ontario County Park) Boys Girls mods
NRW, Sodus @ Mynderse (Cayuga Lake State Park) Boys Girls mods
Romulus, Bloomfield, Geneva @ East Rochester (St. John Fisher Golf Course) Boys Girls mods
Marcus Whitman, Red Jacket, Lyons/Clyde-Savannah @ Waterloo List  / Scores List / Scores List / Scores List / Scores
HAC, Marion, Williamson, Red Creek @ Newark Boys Girls Mods
Week 5 varsity boys varsity girls mod boys mod girls
Pal-Mac, Bloomfield, Waterloo @ Williamson boys girls mod boys mod girls
Penn Yan, Newark, Romulus @ Marcus Whitman boys girls mods
Mynderse, Wayne, Marion, Red Jacket @ Geneva boys girls mods
Honeoye, East Rochester, NRW, Lyons/Clyde-Savannah @ Red Creek boys girls mods
Midlakes, HAC @ Sodus boys girls mods
Week 4 varsity boys varsity girls mod boys mod girls
Marion, Pal-Mac
@ Lyons/Clyde-Savannah
boys girls mods
Williamson, Penn Yan, Geneva @ NRW boys girls mods
Wayne, Marcus Whitman, East Rochester @ HAC boys girls mods
Romulus, Mynderse, Midlakes, Red Creek
@ Waterloo
results / scores results / scores results / scores results / scores
Honeoye, Newark, Sodus, Bloomfield @ Red Jacket
boys girls boys girls
Week 3 varsity boys varsity girls mod boys mod girls
NRW, Marion, Bloomfield, Marcus Whitman @ Midlakes results / scores results / scores results results
Mynderse, Newark, East Rochester @ Pal-Mac boys girls mods
Red Jacket, Red Creek @ Penn Yan boys girls boys girls
Lyons/Clyde-Savannah, Williamson, Romulus, Sodus @ Wayne results / scores results / scores boys girls
Honeoye, Geneva, HAC @ Waterloo boys girls    
Week 2 varsity boys varsity girls mods
Wayne, NRW, Waterloo @ Newark boys girls mods
Williamson, Red Jacket, Midlakes, @ East Rochester boys girls mods
Romulus, Marion, @Honeoye boys girls mods
Geneva, Red Creek, Pal-Mac, Marcus Whitman @ Sodus boys girls mods
HAC, Mynderse, Penn Yan, Lyons/Clyde-Savannah @ Bloomfield  boys girls mods
Week 1 varsity boys varsity girls
East Rochester, Waterloo, Pen Yan, Sodus @ Marion resultsscores results / scores
Wayne, Bloomfield @ Red Creek boys girls
NRW, Romulus, Pal-Mac, HAC @ Red Jacket boys girls
Mynderse, Williamson, Honeoye @ Marcus Whitman boys girls
Newark, Geneva, Midlakes @ Lyons/Clyde-Savannah boys girls


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